LibertyFIT + these studio helpers are coming to Warrnambool July 1st 2019. #reformerfitness #weights #cardio #flexibility #warrnambool #warrnamboolfitness #ptwarrnambool #pilateswarrnambool


LibertyFIT is coming to Warrnambool July 2019. So DM me if you’re interested in PT, Classes, running or preparing for a special event! Ohhh and it’s not long until my next fitness comp ⏰ #majesticthingsarehappening #fitnesswarrnambool #ptwarrnambool #8WC #pilatesreformer #weights #cardio #aestheticfitness #ifbbbikini #ifbb #weightstraining #running #warrnambool #reformerfitness #plyometrics #funruns #halfmarathontraining #fitness #healthandfitnesswarrnambool #pilateswarrnambool #gym #3280


Cardio 💫 @kellyhall_1


Core control 👌🏻 #Aplusplus


The feedback I get from my clients, it just fills my bucket 110% every time. I meet Jess almost 2 months ago, when she came into MFW & decided it was time to make a change and no one or no thing was going to stand in her way. She has shown up to each & every one of her sessions, wearing her groovy gym threads, and rocking that infectious smile of hers! Whatever I put in front of her she gives it a red hot crack. The improvements I have seen in Jess, both physically & emotionally have been so rewarding. Her form has improved, her strength & her fitness have improved & she is beginning to trust and understand the process...It sure doesn’t come easy, it is going to be tough, it doesn’t happen over night but it does & it will happen when you have trust, commitment & determination! Jess you tick all them boxes and more! And I thank you for choosing and trusting me to share and support you on your desired journey #idofitness3280 #mfw3280 #mfw #bestclients #lovewhatido #fitnesswarrnambool #ptwarrnambool #trusttheprocess #reaptherewards


These days, with so much emphasis on strength, power and trying to lift as heavy as you can for no particular reason many of us have forgotten how to train for anything other than performance. And while performance is important, physique goals such as creating a body shape that is symmetrical, well proportioned (no one wants great shoulders and a saggy butt) is probably on the top of your list of why you wanted to workout in the first place. First of all, aesthetics (your appearance) training is truely a work of art - every body shape is different and requires different stimulation based on your current shape, wants and needs. Don’t expect to just smash heavy weights for every body part and end up with your ideal physique you will end up looking disproportionate and wonder why you’re not quite happy with the way you look. Both proportion and symmetry need to exist together in order for the body to look and feel its best. Eat smarter + train smarter and cut back the amount of time you spend working out ..and if you need help with creating your ideal physique ask us how ❤️


13kgs down so far! 💫 We are using a combination of Reformer Pilates, weights, cardio and loosely tracking calories and slowing for free days. • You are fabulous @melissaomalley_ and I’m lucky to have you! • #itseasynow


Creating that long lean dancers look using the libertyFIT method a combination of: Following her meal plan Reformer Pilates Heavy + Light weights Cardio Flexibility training Our aim is create a feminine physique that’s strong, flexible and fit as a fiddle. • #yalookamazingok


@jcoake blazed through our 5:30am run club session this morning. 4.7km in 25.23min. • Then backed it up with 6am stretch. She is literally cms away from chest flat to ground in straddle stretch and should be in full splits by Christmas 🤸‍♀️ • #cardio #weights #reformer #flexibility