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Happy Wednesday 🙌🏽 I want to talk about comparison.... I know I talk about this a lot but I think it's important to adress because of how much the fitness industry is growing. The pressure to achieve a certain "look" is a real thing and it's extremely hard not to fall into this comparison trap once you're in it. As my page has grown slowly, I want to make sure to stay true to myself because I know I've been there. I've been in that place where I look at all these fitness models for motivation but instead they make me feel like a failure. It seems as if you don't have the look that society labels as "FIT", then you're just simply not which couldn't be further from the truth. These past few weeks have been full of food and amazing times with all the people I love. I used to miss out on alot of memories because I COUDN'T go out to eat and I COULDN'T miss a work out.... I'm still very much going to the gym but if I can't make it sometimes then so be it. If I've eaten out a few days in a row, then fine. I STILL have chocolate every single night 😂❤ All I'm saying is we are all human, our bodies do not define us, and there is not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL standard to health. Health is where you find YOUR balance. I eat my veggies, I work out daily, I drink my water, I'm working on my inner self... I am healthy to my own standard and I'm loving life. I don't have any set goals for myself as of currently except trying to be happy in this world full of competition and negativity. I always have to remind myself that comparison is the thief of joy and really, these long posts are just me talking to myself but I type them out hoping they will help anyone else having these thoughts too 💕 #fit #fitness #gym #motivation #lifestyle #gymgirl #workout #fitnessjourney #fitnesspage #weightlifting #gymvideos #fitjourney #progress #trusttheprocess #lifestyle #girl #transformation #health #mentalhealth #healthy #roadtorecovery #womenempowerment #selflove #loveyourself #confidence


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