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16 Weeks ➡️ 26 Weeks ➡️ 36 Weeks . . Just for fun! 😊 This process amazes me 💙🤰 Repost from @rachel.acu.yogi . . . Follow us @MATERNITY



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🐅🐅🐅 I’m working hard enough 🐅🐅🐅🤷🏼‍♀️🤰🏼 #pregnancyproblems Repost from @pregnancyproblems . . . . Follow us @MATERNITY



Sometimes you just gotta let that hair down and let loose ✨ . Staying loose and free of tension is key in the final days. . Today I channel my inner warrior Goddess- to be aware, let go of anything that isn’t serving me, remain open and let my body do what it already knows 🙏❤️ #SummerSolstice . Repost from @sheripresleypilates . . . . . #Movement #MoveYourBody #WarriorGoddess #WildWoman #PrenatalExercise #SummerBaby #PrenatalPilates #Pilates #PilatesForEveryBody #LoveYourBkdy #Pregnancy #Maternity #PositivePregnacyAffirmations #PositivePregnancy #Midwives #Doulas #PowerfulWomen #BirthingBall #Mothershape



Same pose, bigger bump, different flowers 💐🤰🏼(swipe right to see what a few weeks difference can make) Fun fact! At my last obstetrician appointment it was decided that I will be induced between 37 and 38 weeks! Looks like this little girl is going to be an August baby just like her daddy 😍 Has anyone else been induced? Good or bad experience? Feeling oh so nervous since hudson was completely a natural birth.. #28weekspregnant #transformation #thirdtrimester Repost from @life.beside.hudson



39 weeks pregnant vs. 8 weeks postpartum 🌿 Repost from @karischkalove . . . . . Shop our new mom and baby products . (10% off code: insta10) . 👇(Click the link on our profile) . Shop: MOTHERSHAPE.COM


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