Sunday Funday: Once in a while we feel the urge to clense and release things, feelings, people, etc that no longer serves us anymore. I did some techniques from Mary Kondo today. Taking everything out of my drawers and tossing out and keeping what still serves me. Even cutting shirts up to my liking because i dont wear them the way the were made. Feeling guilt to cut them even though ive wanted to for months due to guilt of how expensive it was, but thd words or meaning of it meant too much to donate. Choosing what i actually wear opposed to the items that have not been touched in months. You forget what you had buried under there. There is a since of guilt tossing things out as i spent hard working money but wore maybe once. How reckless i csn sometimes be with where i choose me hard work to go towards. Taking the time to fold and roll each item so i could see what i invested in made me think about the people who designed and put this item into fruition. It reminded me of memories of where i bought them if it was to commemorate an event or vacation. The state of your room is the state of your mind. I often see that our minds are clouded. We dont see how much we do have, while people with less admire how much more we have and waste. They would happily switch places with us, while we still seek happiness elsewhere always wanting more. Nothing is ever good enough, translates into im not good enough. If you dont recognize it, you will get stuck in this cycle no matter how rich you are. A poor man with much less can be richer than most. Appreciate what you have now. There is no waiting until you have an end result of a wish to be happy. Your process in life should make you happy and fullfilled each day. It is slow with ups and downs. The process is beautiful once you look back on how you got here.❤ when your in the moment it seems slow. But when you look back, you see how fast the time goes by snd how far you've actually come. #thewingedwarrior911 #breakthecycle #clothing #riceorpoor #appreciate #donttakeforgrated #waste #environment #process #mindset #mindfulness #love #practice #motivation #blog #bloglife#lifestyle #behappy #happythoughts #imgoodenough


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